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Ans.Torrent Gas understands the criticality of industries' operations and ensures that the supply of Natural Gas is 100% reliable. Natural Gas would reach your doorsteps through a reliable and safe underground pipeline network. Torrent Gas has taken adequate precaution to maintain integrity of underground pipeline network so that our industrial customers can get 24 x 7 un-interrupted supply of natural gas.

Ans.No, Torrent Gas does not supply burners nor install internal pipeline. However, our team of qualified and knowledgeable engineers can facilitate customers to select the right burners as well as to design the internal pipeline.

Ans.Due to characteristics of Natural Gas, it stands as the safest fossil fuel. As % LEL and %UEL limits are higher compare to LPG & Propane, auto ignition temperature is very high and low density hence in case of leakage natural gas immediately disperses in air. The Meter & Regulating Station (MRS) installed in your premise has an in-built safety system, which ensures tripping of regulator, in case of over pressure (choking) or under pressure (leakage).


Yes, Torrent Gas will have two types of contracts for industrial PNG connection.

  • MGO contract: in which fixed amount of quantity of natural gas needs to be consumed by the customer.
  • Non-MGO contract: in this contract, there is no obligation on to the customer to consume natural gas. The billing would be done on the basis of consumed quantity of natural gas.

Hence for this type of industry, whose fuel consumption is irregular, it is advisable to go for Non-MGO contract to get industrial PNG connection.

Ans.For industrial PNG connections, billing frequency is fortnightly. Natural gas supply bill will be generated on 01st and 16th date of each month and the customer will be given 05 (five) business days from the date of billing for the payment.

Ans.The Price List for NG will be declared every fortnight at least seven days before the start of the fortnight and the same will be communicated through Electronic Mail, written communication, SMS and/or publish the same on Torrent Gas website.

Ans.As natural gas supply is un-interrupted and completely reliable, you may not need to keep the existing setup of the fuel. However, to deal with any unforeseen force major kind of situation industries may keep existing fuel set up as a fall-back option.